Empowerment and Defiance: Unveiling Feminist Narratives in Durrani's “My Feudal Lord”


  • Amna Aziz College of International Studies, Southwest University, Chongqing, 400715, China
  • Fariha Iqbal Department of English Literature, Government College University, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
  • Suman Naeem Department of English Studies, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan.




Acceptance, Resistance, Violence, Domestic Abuse, Jingoism, Patriarchy and Feminism, Feudalism


"My Feudal Lord" traces a poignant feminine journey from acceptance to resistance, laying bare the profound suffering women endure within a male-dominated society that vehemently enforces rigid norms. The novel poetically unravels the harsh reality that women, bereft of freedom, become mere puppets in the hands of a jingoistic society. In the realm of arranged marriages, obedience to a husband's rule is paramount, reducing women to the status of property owned by their spouses. The narrative spotlights Durrani’s, a sympathetic and exemplary character who, due to her darker skin tone, is systematically ignored by society. As she endeavors to assert her basic rights, her struggles are dismissed as abnormal due to her husband Mustafa Khar's diplomatic façade. The societal perception of Khar as a loving and caring husband sharply contrasts with the harsh reality of his multiple faces. The novel vividly portrays the feudal system in post-colonial Pakistan, where women are expected to epitomize perfection in beauty and intelligence. Durrani's gradual loss of identity in the pursuit of marital harmony underscores the futility of her sacrifices. In order to shield her parents' honor and secure her children's future, Durrani feigns perfection in her marriage, concealing the painful truth beneath a veneer of normalcy. "My Feudal Lord" emerges as a stark portrayal of the price women pay within a complex socio-cultural web, where their struggles for autonomy often go unnoticed, and their sacrifices are overshadowed by societal expectations.


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Aziz, A., Iqbal, F., & Naeem, S. (2023). Empowerment and Defiance: Unveiling Feminist Narratives in Durrani’s “My Feudal Lord”. Journal of Social Sciences Advancement, 4(3), 08–13. https://doi.org/10.52223/JSSA23-040302-73



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