Challenges and Prospect of Museum Institutions in the 21st Century in Northern Nigeria


  • Sadiq Lawan Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Environmental Studies, University of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria



Challenges, Prospect, Museum, Collections, 21st Century, Institution


The museum is one institution that accommodates every aspect of human activities and reminds people of their past to present. Most museum collections have been sustained by preserving and documenting natural and cultural heritage. Museum itself serve as an institution of learning, research has been conducted, and entertain different people with diverse cultural background without discrimination. Today, in Northern Nigeria, most people perceived museums as a place of fetish collections are stored rather than a multifunctional institution that deals with many sectors of life. Museums have the capacity to reflect both continuity and change, to preserve and protect cultural and natural heritage while illustrating the expression of the human imagination and the natural world through the exhibition. Museum in the 21st century has completely transformed due to the advancement of science and technology. But, Northern Nigeria is left behind in such technological development. The paper utilized the qualitative method to enable the researcher to explore the challenges and prospects of museum institutions in Northern Nigeria. This paper used primary and secondary methods of data collection. The paper's objective is to explore the significance and identify the role of science and technology in museums and the challenges and prospects. The paper finds that museums are an integral part of the human experience that transformed as time went on. Many museums have centralized collections and exhibition across the globe. But, museums in Northern Nigeria faces a considerable challenge, and the prospect of the institutions is at stake. The paper recommends that museums should explore other avenues to capture audience desire in line with global base practice.


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Lawan, S. (2022). Challenges and Prospect of Museum Institutions in the 21st Century in Northern Nigeria. Journal of Social Sciences Advancement, 3(1), 45–52.



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