A Case Study on reading habits of University students


  • Iqra Amin Institute of Agricultural Extension, Education and Rural Development, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Sub-campus Toba Tek Singh
  • Allah Bakhsh University of Agriculture, Faisalabad




Case Study, Reading habits, University students


Learning through reading is the fundamental process. A case study was conducted on the students of UAF Sub-Campus Toba Tek Singh to examine the reading habits and academic performance. All the students of this campus are considered for the population of the study. The data was collected through an interview and focus group discussion from the sample (N=200) and quantitatively analyzed with the statistical approach such as, Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SSPS). The study revealed that the only 22.0% students read the relevant syllabus books and 17.5% students read the outside the syllabus books, while the vast majority 78.0% and 82.5% didn’t read syllabus and outside syllabus books respectively. They found that the positive association exists between the reading habit of students and academic performance. It is recommended that the students should be encouraged by the parents and teachers to increase reading habits and provide easy access to books.


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Amin, I., & Bakhsh, A. (2021). A Case Study on reading habits of University students. Journal of Social Sciences Advancement, 2(2), 70–73. https://doi.org/10.52223/JSSA21-020202-16



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