International Journal of Food and Agriculture Policy is a multidisciplinary journal published quarterly that presents authentic research and innovative findings pertaining to matters involving the creation, execution, and assessment of policies aimed at the conversion of agriculture into agribusiness. These policies play a pivotal role in transforming agriculture and fostering food security across developing and advanced economies.

We primarily emphasize the economic and societal dimensions of food and agriculture policy, giving precedence to empirical research that enriches global discussions surrounding food and agriculture policy. We welcome submissions that distinctly and overtly contribute to international food and agriculture policy dialogues, spanning various domains. Inclusion of papers from alternative disciplines will be contemplated, provided they offer significant policy insights and are presented in a manner comprehensible to readership.

The key issues that are addressable in the journal include:

Sustainable Agricultural Development: Addressing policies for promoting sustainable farming practices, resource management, and environmental conservation in the context of agribusiness.

Trade and Market Policies: Exploring policies related to international trade, market access, tariffs, and regulations affecting agricultural and food products.

Value Chain and Agribusiness Policies: Examining policies that foster efficient and inclusive value chains, agribusiness development, and linkages between producers and consumers.

Food Security and Nutrition Policies: Analyzing policies aimed at ensuring access to nutritious and sufficient food for all populations, particularly vulnerable groups.

Food Safety and Quality Standards: Exploring policies related to food safety regulations, quality control, and international standards in the production and distribution of food.

Rural Development and Livelihoods: Investigating policies that enhance rural livelihoods, create employment opportunities, and support rural infrastructure development.

Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies: Addressing policies that promote climate-resilient agriculture, mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, and adaptation to changing climatic conditions.

Technology and Innovation in Agriculture: Evaluating policies for integrating technological advancements, innovation, and research into agricultural practices and food systems.

Land Tenure and Property Rights: Analyzing policies concerning land tenure systems, land use regulations, and property rights that impact agricultural productivity and rural development.

Gender and Inclusivity in Agriculture: Investigating policies that promote gender equality, women's empowerment, and social inclusivity within the agricultural sector.

Government Subsidies and Support: Analyzing policies involving government subsidies, financial incentives, and support mechanisms for agricultural production and food security.

Social Welfare and Food Assistance Programs: Exploring policies related to social safety nets, food assistance programs, and poverty reduction strategies in the context of food security.

Cross-Border Collaboration and Diplomacy: Investigating international collaborations, agreements, and diplomatic efforts aimed at addressing global food and agricultural challenges.

Any other issue that fits in the aim and scope of the journal.