A Study of Teachers Views about the Students of Non-Formal Institutes


  • Saima Riaz School Education Department, Government of Punjab, Pakistan
  • Mudassar Yasin Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture Multan, Pakistan




Non-formal education, Impact, Punjab


Education plays a very crucial role in the development of child’s abilities, attitude, and behavior. It develops a positive change in the social life of the children. Therefore, many developed and developing nations highly encourage the spread of education through non-formal means. The non-formal education system is usually planned to provide effective knowledge and skills among the people. The present study was conducted with an aim to evaluate the views of non-formal institutions teachers about the students. This study was carried out in district Toba Tek Singh of Punjab province. The present study was descriptive in nature, and a survey was conducted to evaluate the non-formal education systems. All the non-formal educational institutions were the population of the study. The sample size of 50 teachers working in the non-formal educational institute of district Toba Tek Singh was chosen. The researcher for data collection developed a self-designed questionnaire. The collected data were analyzed through Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The results of this study showed significant differences received from the respondents of non-formal education schools. The obtained results showed that respondents are getting good benefits from the non-formal education system. It is concluded from this study that education is very important for the development of any nation, and it is considered a fundamental human right.




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Riaz, S., & Yasin, M. (2021). A Study of Teachers Views about the Students of Non-Formal Institutes. Journal of Education and Social Studies, 2(2), 63–67. https://doi.org/10.52223/jess.20212205



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